Key Features

For both digital materials and hard copy
Reduced admin burden for both head office and in-field teams
Align to your existing copy approval and asset management process
Track withdrawal status at any point in the process
Fully customisable reporting suite
Fully automated cloud-based platform
Single sign-on ready
For use nationally, regionally or globally
ISO 27001 accreditation in progress
ISO 9001 accredited


About us

Promotional Mailing Services Group Limited (PMSG)

PMSG was established in 1964 and has over the years supported many pharmaceutical companies from smaller, newly commercialised start-ups to some of the largest. PMSG assists with collateral material management & delivery and event support primarily in the EMEA region, all backed with the latest online systems.

In 2018 PMSG was approached by Redefine Compliance on behalf of a major multinational pharmaceutical company to design and implement a system to coordinate the managed removal of non-certified material from the market. Working closely with Redefine, PMSG has created an automated cloud based system to efficiently withdraw both physical and digital material with a full audit trail and reporting suite. The system (iVenda) has been successfully implemented with the client and has been refined and is now on offer to the wider market.


RedefineCompliance was established in 2018, with one goal ... to make compliance as easy, simple and effective for every organisation that we work with. By developing and implementing effective compliance solutions that meet the needs of the organisations that we work.

Having worked with PMSG from the point of our inception, together we have developed iVenda, the only automated withdrawal solution that manages the entire workflow for withdrawing content and materials that is no longer compliant because it has expired, has been found in breach, or is simply no longer up to date / required for use.

Be ready for inspections at the drop of a hat with withdrawal reports and a fully maintained audit trail at the click of a button.

No fixed contract pricing from £15 per user per month.

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